Sacred Equine Rituals Online Course

For those of you with little to no horse experience…are you intrigued by the medicine horses bring to our world? Would you like to feel, experience, and integrate the principles they teach? Perhaps you desire to move through past traumas, heal your body, mind, and soul, or perhaps you’re in recovery. If so, Sacred Equine Rituals is for you!

To those of you with horse experience…do you dream of having a healthy relationship with your horse? Perhaps you, or your horse, have experienced a trauma (or multiple traumas), and you want to find your way back to a balanced and pleasure-filled relationship. Perhaps you simply want to deepen the quality relationship you already have. If so, this course is for you!

Join me as I guide you through 9 Sacred Equine Rituals for healthy relationships.

What does this course include?

✨ A look into how horses demonstrate healthy relationship skills.

✨ 9 Sacred Equine Rituals and how to practice them with your horse.

✨ Nervous system dysregulation/regulation (what it looks like and how to heal it in both the horse and human).

✨ How to be aware of the weak areas in your relationship and strengthen them.

✨ How to heal trauma(s).

✨ How to create a safe, warm, welcoming, and pleasurable experience with your horse.

✨ How to create connection through attunement.

✨ How to understand equine body language.

✨ Access to our online community to share questions, photos, videos, and successes!

✨ Weekly support, through our online community, to ask me questions, etc.

✨ 4 zoom sessions and online weekly support for one month.

✨ Zoom recordings will be sent out the following day so you can attend live or watch the recording at a time that works for you. 

Your Teacher

Brooklyn is a CHA Certified Horsemanship Instructor, a lover of life, a horsemanship student, a yoga student, an entrepreneur, and a creative, intuitive, compassionate, and enthusiastic woman who is dedicated to the journey of healing in all areas of life. 

She understands the importance of keeping life light while also taking a deep dive into the areas of life that call for our attention. 

She is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who values family, community, and connection. 

Her journey of healing and reclamation has taken her to the beaches of Hawaii, the Philippines, the islands of Fiji, Salt Spring, and of course our very own Vancouver Island, BC. 


✨ 4 Sessions via Zoom 5:00 pm – 6:16 pm PST.

✨ Inquire by email about our course dates. 


✨ $444 CAD plus GST


Email us to inquire about and/or register for our next offering of Sacred Equine Rituals.