A Journey of Healing & Reclamation...

If you have been a part of our community for some time now, you will know that I have been on quite a healing journey since the year my son was born, in 2016. If you are new to this community, I welcome you to the story of my healing journey…

From a young age I have felt called to provide a space for women to heal with horses. I first received this vision when I was 18 years old, under the Hawaiian sun, and although I was excited by the dream, I really had no idea where to begin.

Over the years this dream has been challenged, encouraged, and validated in many different ways. In 2016, after our son was born, I was diagnosed with Post Partum Suicidal Depression and Anxiety. This was an extremely confusing time for me. I had never felt such hopelessness, lack of luster, and inability to want to live. It was terrifying. 

During that season of my life, I had intense dreams and visions and in an act of faith I registered a business and called it “Healing through Horsemanship.” That was 8 years ago now…

Since then, I refer to my son’s birth as my awakening. I do not define myself by the diagnosis I received and although it took time and many heartaches, I allowed this journey to become a doorway to immense healing in all areas of my life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and energetic. 

There are many details to this story’s unfolding that I will share with you over time. In fact, the journey of healing continues for me…I will forever be a student of life, open to all the healing possibilities. 

For now, I would like to invite you to our Healing through Horsemanship Women’s Day Retreats. We have two offerings for Autumn 2022 and you can scroll down for more information.

With love and healing,
Brooklyn Rae Greig

A space to Rest, Retreat, and Release

Born and raised on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish/Wsáneć people, I have experienced the influence of the wild west coast and its healing powers. The strength of the seasons, the nourishment of the rain, the warmth of the sun, the vitality of spring, and the restful rejuvenation of the darkness.

Raised with horses I know the felt sense of safety, companionship, love, power, and regulation they can bring to our lives.

Through the different seasons of life, and the challenges that they bring, I have found solace, comfort, and strength from the land that my family has stewarded for over 26 years. I wish to share this land, these experiences, and our equine herd with you in a unique offering.

Retreat into nature…

Into the herd…

Into the practice of yoga…

Into farm-fresh food…


Our first offering is a full day retreat . This retreat is for women who are looking to take some time for themselves, to connect and bring awareness to their bodies, their souls, their dreams, their vibrant minds, and any other areas they wish to heal and strengthen.

Retreat Inclusions...

Our day will start at 10:00 am with a welcome ceremony that includes an introduction to the land, the herd, and your guides, Kristan and Brooklyn. Following this, Kristan will guide us through an outdoor yoga practice with a special focus on the season and energies of Autumn. At lunchtime, we will enjoy a farm-fresh lunch picnic from The Roost Farm Bakery. As you finish your meal, you will be welcomed to join our equine herd in the field for some soak time. Brooklyn will guide you through an introduction to relationship horsemanship, and invite you to ponder some journal prompts as you experience the integration, regulation, and support that the presence of horses naturally provides.
We will close our time at 4:00 pm. 

Why Yoga and Horsemanship?

Yoga and relational horsemanship are two of the practices I have included in my healing journey. I have and continue to be amazed at the healing capacity they both hold. Yoga and relational horsemanship are two powerful practices to help you see how you relate to yourself, to the world around you, and to your relationships with others. I have combined these to bring you a rich experience of contemplation, healing, alignment, emergence, rejuvenation, and clarity.

Do I need to have experience?

No. You do not need to have any experience with yoga or horses. Your participation in both will include a gentle introduction and for those with more experience, we will create space to expand your practices. Your interactions with the horses will all be on the ground, at liberty in the field, which allows for open and honest communication. ‘At liberty’ is a horsemanship term that means you will have no tack or equipment connecting the two of you. 

Your Guide

Brooklyn is a CHA Certified Horsemanship Instructor, a lover of life, a horsemanship student, a yoga student, an entrepreneur, and a creative, intuitive, compassionate, and enthusiastic woman who is dedicated to the journey of healing in all areas of life. 

She understands the importance of keeping life light while also taking a deep dive into the areas of life that call for our attention. 

She is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who values family, community, and connection. 

Her journey of healing and reclamation has taken her to the beaches of Hawaii, the Philippines, the islands of Fiji, Salt Spring, and of course our very own Vancouver Island, BC. 


Our next offerings will be:

Saturday, September 10th, 2022 – Soaking in the power of the Full Moon.

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 – Celebration of Autumn Equinox.

Your investment is $444 CAD plus GST

This includes:

  • A yoga practice
  • A farm fresh lunch (chosen ahead of time and a vegetarian option will be available)
  • A drink
  • An introduction to relational horsemanship
  • Guided time with our equine herd
  • Journaling and integration
  • Meditative and grounding practices
  • An unforgettable experience in a beautiful setting

Contact us now to reserve your spot!

We look forward to welcoming you to our slice of heaven.